Wellness Inspired By Nature

Foraged by Fairies is dedicated to the artistry of nature-inspired wellness. Rooted in a commitment for purity and ethical sourcing, we handcraft each product with organic, pure ingredients that are thoughtfully foraged and harvested.

Bloom Hair Growth Oil

The most amazing hair oil in the most beautiful packaging. The oil is the perfect thickness that a little goes a long way. It smells absolutely divine. I can feel the love poured into the oil as it was being made.

Custom Blends

Natasha took the time to listen to all of my health concerns and created the perfect blend for me. I have been consistent with my herbal healing journey and I have seen so much positive change in my health. Thank you!

Bloom Hair Growth Oil

As a server, my hair is up and tight every day, which leads to hair damage. I've been using this oil once a week for about a month now and my baby hairs are starting to grow long. I also put it on my ends to tame anything wild and split. The comforting, warming smell is an added bonus. I would highly recommend this product.

Chamomile Crown Botanical Hair Rinse

This rinse is truly a treat to use. My hair has never been softer. The smell is heavenly and it makes my hair care routine feel more luxurious.

organic & pure

Botanical Hair Care

Unlike regular hair care products laden with synthetic chemicals, botanical formulations harness the power of plant extracts, essential oils, and herbal ingredients. These natural elements work together to fortify hair strands, promote scalp health, and restore the overall balance of the hair and scalp ecosystem. By avoiding the harsh chemicals commonly found in traditional products, botanical hair care minimizes the risk of adverse reactions and long-term damage, making it a gentler and more sustainable choice. The emphasis on organic and ethically sourced ingredients not only benefits the health of your hair but also aligns with a broader commitment to environmental well-being. In choosing botanical hair care, you're not just nurturing your locks – you're embracing a holistic, nature-inspired approach to hair care that prioritizes both your well-being and the planet's health.


Herbs For A Woman's Moon

Just like the moon, a woman experiences a 28 day cycle. Consisting of four seasons, menstruation is her winter. Menstruation is a time for rest and renewal. 

Herbs For Gut Health

This is your reminder that experiencing indigestion, bloating, and stomach cramps everyday is NOT normal. An unhealthy gut is the root cause to countless diseases and is even linked to causing anxiety and depression.